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Shopping center. Cagliari

Requalification of a large building dating back to the mid seventies, located in downtown Cagliari. The surrounding area features service sector facilities and residential complexes. The project concept revolves around the creation of a wide glazed hall that serves a dual purpose, hosting community spaces and showing what happens inside the building. The main business functions, the food court, the hotel, the spa and the restaurant on the terrace are all characterized by the windows created by the newly built glass hall. The front yard is designed like a wide public gardened space available to the local community and to the businesses located inside the building.

The project develops through 3 stages:

1) Preserving and saving: there is no need to turn the building inside out to implement its requalification.

2) Expanding and improving: the addition of elements that jut out while obliterating some portions of the façade allows to properly reallocate space and openings to the newly established functions, making them visible from the outside.

3) Covering and protecting: the façade cladding is juxtaposed to the pre-existing surface, thanks to a slightly wavy covering structure with sunbreakers that revolutionize the aesthetic impact and becomes an integral component of the energy saving and light management systems.