Bow window house

Apartment whit garden. Renovation. Turin

An apartment of 250 sqm with a large garden in an elegant building on Corso Moncalieri in Turin (Italy). A total renovation was done with significant interventions for the redistribution of spaces. All floors are made of natural oak planks, and in some areas such as the entryway, oak panels also coat the walls, thus creating a containment volume/closet. The living area is characterized by a wide custom kitchen that overlooks the iconic bow window which in turn faces the garden. The living room is instead characterized by a wide glass window and a large bookcase made of iron and wood which is also customized.

The two main rooms of the house are in turn divided by a large portal obtained in the bearing wall of the building and completely covered with slate stone. The bedroom area is protected with respect to the wide living area by a rear distribution corridor leading to the kids’ rooms and the bathrooms, also defined by the use of wood and tadelakt.

1_entrance / 2_office / 3_meeting room / 4_kitchen / 5_bathroom
1_entrance / 2_kitchen / 3_living room / 4_bedroom_01 / 5_bedroom_02 / 6_bedroom_03 / 7_studio / 8_walk-in closet / 9_bathroom / 10_laundry room / 11_patio / 12_private garden