Via Po

Renovation of an apartment

Complete renovation of an apartment of about 140 sq m in Torino characterized by the presence of many windows. 

The client requested a large day area consisting of Kitchen, living room and studio; where the latter is separated by the other rooms by means of a custom-made partition bookcase. 

The entire kitchen and the adjacent dining table are surmounted by a dark-coloured false ceiling which connotes the dining area, by creating a contrast with the sitting room’s full height.  

Another significant element is the bookcase, used as a room divider that permits a visual separation between the day area and the studio, without isolating it completely.  

From the day area is the access to the sleeping area through an access corridor featured by the reuse of some old elements; in particular old marmorino tiles and double doors. 

1_entrance / 2_living room / 3_bedroom_001 / 4_bedroom_002 / 5_kitchen / 6_bathroom / 7_corridor / 8_balcony
1_entrance / 2_living room / 3_dining room / 4_kitchenette / 5_bedroom_01 / 6_bedroom_02 / 7_studio / 8_bathroom / 9_walk-in closet / 10_storage / 11_balcony