Regenerated Appliances Retail Format.

Ri-generation, the new retail format designed by Studio Doppio is based on an idea by Astelav s.r.l. in collaboration with Sermig di Torino. Ri-generation  is a business that deals with regenerated appliances which would otherwise be disposed of with inevitable economical and environmental costs.

Once repaired, appliances - i.e. all the devices we define home appliances which once disposed of become RAEE (an acronym that stands for the Italian words, electric and electronic waste, trans.)  and that according to precise regulations have to be prepared to be disposed of in such a manner as to reduce their impact on the environment - are resold at very convenient prices. This kind of offer will interest all kinds of buyers: lower class and more affluent people, residents who are temporarily living in the city for study or working reasons, young families, or simply those who are more committed to environmental and social issues.

Just as all the regenerated appliances for sale are for all kinds of clients, in the same way even the store’s design takes inspiration from that very conception. Therefore we opted for a simple and playful image: lights have been created with washing machine drums, the counter is made of plywood and OSB to evoke appliances’ packaging just like the infographics explaining the regeneration process the appliances underwent.

Light iron exhibitors and OSB panels support the appliances and display the technical information and prices.

The first point of sale has been opened in the heart of Torino’s Porta Palazzo district, yet, soon another sales point will be opening in town, in the district of San Salvario.

1_sales area / 2_vestibule / 3_restroom
1_sales area / 2_storage / 3_vestibule / 4_restroom