Salva Store

Optical store format. Italy

Concept stores for a new optical chain. This brand-new format differs from the previous one – designed by our studio – because it has been thought for a much younger target.
The communication codes that we have selected belong to the ‘digital’ generation. Sharing, immediacy, lightness are the keywords that form the reference values, while the repertoires of shapes have an instant digital nature: exhibitors such as drop-down menus, a logo that combines the circles and temples of the glasses with the symbol of online sharing. The color choice – bright fuchsia – also aims to place the point of sale in the young fashion field, departing from the traditional technical-medical approach of the opticians.
The choice of maximizing the amount of exposed product is intended to lighten the burden of the stock and increase the turnover of the collections. Currently, five stores have been built by using this format. 

1_sales area / 2_dressing room / 3_warehouse / 4_restroom / 5_storage / 6_balcony
1_sales area / 2_laboratory / 3_vestibule / 4_restroom / 5_balcony