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Mattresses and beds retail format

A retail format for a new chain of points of sale of mattresses, duvet, pillows and bedding accessories.

Dreaming - with its very evocative brand name, according to the client’s needs is highly recognisable, compatible with the multicolour corporate identity and consistent with the commercial message. Hence, the concept “Dreaming in color” which in our view sums up the client’s requests.

The show room consists of two main areas: the bed sales space and the mattress testing area. The former is characterized by light-colored walls and very bright lights, whereas the mattress testing area is kept intentionally in semi-darkness so as to convey a sense of dreaminess which has to lead the clients to relax and thus reinforce the emotional approach to purchasing. 

These two quarters share a color effect which help simultaneously to define visual hot-spots of the different shop areas and downplay the use of white in the sales area and of black in the mattress testing area. All the interiors, from the exhibitors to the counter, are made to measure.